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ICTA currently has 104 permanent members and 55 regular members . ICTA membership registration may be made through the internet on the official ICTA website

Indonesia Cable Television Association or the Association of Cable Television Indonesia (ICTA) is an association that collect entrepreneurs broadcasting cable television in Indonesia . This semuala association was named Association of Indonesian Cable Television, but to further expand the international network, the name of the assoisasi was changed into English into Indonesian Cable TV Association abbreviated as ICTA .

The establishment of ICTA is based on Broadcasting Act number 32 year 2002 in article 25 and article 26. Data from a press release of the Ministry of Communication and Information Indonesia pertanggal May 24, 2009 press release number 121 / PIH / KOMINFO / 2009 that there were approximately 695 number operator pay TV ( pay TV ), which serves approximately 1,436.000 customers . Since the enactment of the Broadcasting law, some Cable Television entrepreneurs have begun to adjust to the demands of these rules  . Up to now, there are about 200 cable TV business that have been incorporated and have obtained a broadcasting license from the office of the Ministry of Communication and Information. Based on this, the formation of the ICTA was established on 22 August 2014 .

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