PT. Inovasi Jaringan Nusantara (InnovationNet) has been providing ISP (Internet Service Provider) since 2006. Time to time it’s become very stable and increase live data for better services. Innovation Net has been generate more and more innovation for everything.


Innovation Net able to link the various connection from one area to another area.
Help you simplify and improve your mobility in getting information and the latest data from everywhere you want.

Our Sight


Being a company that always provides the best services


Find the newest and best innovation. Developed the strong team and capable to completing various challenge.

Concept, Build and Deploy.

Develop the best and most user friendly technology

Increase business value and profit.


Provide the best service and the most excellent. Reliable group and able to work in various area.

Always focus to the future for problem resolution.Good Teamwork Habits. Open-minded. 

Our Value

10 Years Solution Selling Experiences

Member of APJII

7×24 Support

Professional Employees

Partner for many Professional IT Enterprise

Certified IT Support & Services

Our Solution



InnovationNet provides a place to grow your business in the form of Rack in various Data Centers like IDC 3D Duren Three and CDC International Brass…..



InnovationNet provides the best and strongest tools to keep and monitor any activities that are your top priority. We are ready to provide services…..




InnovationNet is ready to provide solutions on solar panel systems for residential, commercial, and residential scale such as solar panel powerplant…..



Internet telephony or IP telephony is the concept of using the internet network to pass phone signals with acceptable delay (still within the limits of human hearing tolerance)……



OTT stands for over-the-top and is also referred to as “value added”. Most of us have been using OTT services without actually realizing. Simply put, OTT refers to the service you use over the network services of your service provider…….

Partner and Client






InnovationNet is expanding, so we’re looking for great people to join our team. We are global, high performing and diverse, come join!

We need the following roles:

Finance Staff / Admin Staff

Marketing/ Account Manager

System Administrator

Technical Support

Contact Us

PT. Inovasi Jaringan Nusantara
“The Green Court” Jl. Danau Toba No.18 Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat
Jakarta 11720, Indonesia.  tlp : 021-22052599  email :

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